These Truths

On June 12, we announced some important news about the creation of The Museum of the American Revolution, right in the heart of where our history as a nation began.

In those Revolutionary times any news would have been laboriously set in metal type, printed by hand, and delivered by horse or sail-driven ship.  Needless to say, it would have taken a very long time to reach, say, our neighbors in New Jersey, let alone the rest of the world.

Now we have this thing called ‘social media’ and it enables us to transmit news around the globe in an instant.  Yet what has not changed is the importance of communicating ideas, reporting events, and sharing new insights.   It was the spread of ideas that transformed our forefathers from British colonials into American Revolutionaries.  We are determined to use social media with all the verve, skill and determination with which our founders used printing presses and quill pens to frame America’s founding ideals. 

When you sit down to use social media to further the spirit of our founders, patriots and philosophers, it’s fascinating to wonder how they would have used this new forum.

Franklin, of course, would not only have used it, he would likely have invented six new applications and franchised it across the colonies.  Thomas Paine, the prolific author of the radical pamphlet ‘Common Sense’ would have been blogging invective against the British every night.

John Adams, with his implacable drive and unrestrained tongue, would have dared every loyalist to debate him on the logic of American independence.  Jefferson with his soaring rhetoric and his devotion to the radical ideas of equality and ‘the consent of the governed’ would have floated above debate—but never given an inch. 

Washington would have pragmatically and tirelessly laid out the steps need to secure independence.   And so on….

We want the conversation they would have had to be ongoing as it is fundamental to our mission. We want to inspire both interest and participation. It is a timeworn cliché for anyone to say that we want to bring history ‘alive’ but with this communications tool it has never been more possible.

You’ll be hearing regularly from us and we’d love to hear from you…