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American Restock of French M.1733 Dragoon Pistol

American Revolution Pistol, French Dragoon Pistol

During the American War of Independence, the United States imported thousands of military muskets, swords, and pistols from France with which to arm the Continental Army and local forces. Unfortunately, many of these items were worn or outdated, or were damaged during transit and required repair before they could be issued to soldiers. An American gunsmith assembled this pistol utilizing parts from a Model 1733 French dragoon pistol, an example of the older weapons that were shipped from arsenals in France. The gunsmith cut back the long extension on each side of the brass butt plate (the bulbous end of the pistol) in order to simplify his work, and fashioned a wooden stock of American walnut. This example is faintly marked “US” on the flat surface of the flintlock mechanism, indicating that it was once property of the United States government.