The Lenfest Challenge Grant

Together, we can ensure that the spirit and lessons of the American Revolution are carried forward for generations to come. 

H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest

In June 2012, we proudly announced a generous $40M challenge grant for the construction of The Museum of the American Revolution. All gifts made explicitly for the construction of the museum will be matched, dollar for dollar, by Mr. Lenfest.

These gifts, along with the matching funds, will then be eligible to be matched by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--effectively turning a one dollar gift into a three dollar gift. 

We hope this generous challenge grant will inspire you to join donors from across the country in support of the effort to establish the first national museum to tell the entire story of the American Revolution in our nation's most historic neighborhood, just steps from Independence Hall. 

Please contact Kristian Smith, Vice President of Development, at 267-507-1241 to discuss how you can support the museum with a contribution to the Lenfest Challenge grant.