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Read the Revolution is a biweekly email featuring excerpts from exciting, thought-provoking books about the American Revolution. It features a diverse range of genres, including history, memoir, biography, children's books, and even on occasion historical fiction. 

January 20, 2015

Battle of Cowpens

Lawrence E. Babits' A Devil of a Whipping transports us to South Carolina on January 17, 1781. After suffering a series of southern losses, the Americans finally achieved victory at the Battle of Cowpens. In this excerpt we see the start of this memorable battle, in the words of the men who fought it.

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January 6, 2015

Common Sense

This month marks the 239th anniversary of the publication of Thomas Paine's influential pamphlet Common Sense. Written by Paine less than two years after he emigrated to Philadelphia from England, Common Sense outlined the need for American independence. Paine presented his arguments in plain language that made political discussion accessible to colonists of all walks of life. Today's excerpt comes from the section "Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs."

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December 23, 2014

Valley Forge

The Continental Army endured incredible hardships at their winter encampment in Valley Forge from 1777-1778, while 20 miles away the British reveled in their occupation of Philadelphia. This excerpt from Ron Chernow's Washington: A Life shows General George Washington uneasily deciding on Valley Forge as the place to house his troops until the spring.

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