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Group Visits

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Enjoy a journey through the remarkable story of America’s founding and gain a deeper understanding of the people, events, and ideals that gave birth to the nation.

Reservations are now being taken for groups of 15 or more.  Contact or call 267-579-3623 for more information.

Student and Youth Groups

Alongside a trained Museum educator, student groups will discover stories of our nation’s founding brought to life in exciting and unique ways. From the stirrings of unrest in colonial Boston to the ratification of the Constitution, the revolution will become real for students who will explore its ideals and challenges firsthand.

Over the course of this program, students in grades 4-12 will:

  • Learn about the major causes and events of the American Revolution, as well as the experiences of a wide-range of individuals from both sides of the conflict
  • Follow the stories of Revolutionary war era soldiers, sailors, civilians, women, children, free and enslaved African Americans, Loyalists, and Revolutionaries
  • Explore the Revolution via authentic objects and images, immersive environments, tableaus with life-sized figures, first and third person interpretation, and audiovisual technology
  • Stand beneath a full-scale replica of Boston’s Liberty Tree and consider arguments for and against independence from England
  • Climb aboard a privateer ship and learn about how the war was fought on both land and sea

Adult/Senior Group Visits

Join the angry mob that pulls down a statue of King George III. Wrestle with conflicting ideals of loyalty and independence. Face the enemy on the frontlines of battle while risking everything for the uncertain hope of freedom.

Museum Highlights Include:

  • Orientation film highlighting the drama and reality of the Revolutionary War
  • High tech media, engaging films, digital interactives, and hands-on experiences
  • Authentic witness objects that include manuscripts, artwork, weaponry, and personal diaries
  • Personal stories of America’s founding generation including craftsmen, laborers, seamen, farmers, African Americans, women, and Native People
  • Immersive environments where visitors will stand beneath Boston’s Liberty Tree and read broadsides decrying British tyranny, witness the historic debate among the Oneida people in their decision to join the American Cause, climb aboard a privateer ship and experience the war at sea, and enter the Battlefield Theater where the front line of war is brought to life

Group Tour Operators

Tour Operators should contact the Group Sales Department for more information about booking group travel at 267-579-3525.