What will my gift to the campaign support?

The American Revolution secured our independence and created the United States. Across the globe, those who struggle for freedom still invoke the powerful ideas of the American Revoltuion. Yet two centuries have passed and there is still no national museum that tells the entire story of this remarkable period in our nation's history. The Museum of the American Revolution will be such a museum, bringing to life the extraordinary stories of the founding generation.

The museum will be built in our nation's cradle of liberty--historic Philadelphia--just steps from Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the First Bank of the United States. A signature design team--Robert A.M. Stern Architects and MFM Design--is developing a world-class museum that will inspire and engage people from around the world about the people, places and events of the American Revolution.

Your campaign gift will support the efforts to plan and build The Museum of the American Revolution, including the conpletion of construction drawings, final exhibit design development, collection preparation, construction, exhibit installation, programs, operations, and endowment. 

The Museum of the American Revolution will be a living memorial honoring the sacrifices of generations of Americans past, while engaging current and future generations in the "bold experiment" that is America's republic. We welcome your support!