Visitors to the Museum of the American Revolution explore the galleries.

Adult Groups

The Museum Experience

Join the angry mob that pulls down a statue of King George III.  Wrestle with conflicting ideals of loyalty and independence.  Face the enemy on the front lines of battle while risking everything for uncertain hope of freedom.

Highlights include:

  • Introductory film highlighting the drama and reality of the Revolutionary War
  • High tech media, engaging films, digital interactives, and hands-on experiences
  • Authentic objects that include manuscripts, artwork, weaponry, and personal diaries
  • Personal stories of America’s founding generation including craftsmen, laborers, seamen, farmers, African Americans, women, and Native People
  • Immersive environments where visitors will stand beneath Boston’s Liberty Tree and read broadsides decrying British tyranny, witness the historic debate among the Oneida people in their decision to join the American Cause, climb aboard a privateer ship and experience the war at sea, and enter the Battlefield Theater where the front line of war is brought to life

Additional experiences to enhance your visit

Museum Highlights Tour - 1 hour

On this introductory tour of the core exhibition galleries, your group will learn about exhibit highlights as well as key artifacts and stories alongside a member(s) of the Museum’s education staff.  Using whisper technology, your group will use headsets to follow along with the guide. 

  • 1 hour experience in the galleries
  • Limited to 40 people
  • $10 per person, minimum 15 people

Lectures - 30 minutes

Lectures are 30 minutes in length and take place in the Museum’s classroom space. Programs must be scheduled in advance.

Group Rate:  $7 per person, 1 comp per 25

  • Philadelphia: A Revolutionary City
  • The Revolution in 5 Weapons
  • Artist of the Revolution
  • Made in Philadelphia
  • Revolutionary Women: Writing About War
  • Making the Museum
  • Archaeology at the Museum of the American Revolution

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Audio Tours

Take our new audio tour of the Museum’s core exhibition narrated by the Museum’s Vice President for Collections, Exhibitions and Programming Dr. R. Scott Stephenson, and featuring the “voices” of Phillis Wheatley, the first published African American female poet, and Baroness Frederika von Riedesel, who aided the wounded and journaled about her experience.